Ore Concentration Project ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô Innovation ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô Case Study

├âÔÇÜ An earlier mining operation resulted in dumps of lower grade ore that were uneconomic at the time mining took place.├âÔÇÜ As commodity prices increased the company reviewed its options with respect to the unprocessed ore.

A project was undertaken to determine whether, with enhanced processing techniques, the ore could be concentrated economically.

After conducting laboratory testwork and relevant process design development, a theoretical flowsheet was designed.

A small-scale pilot plant was constructed and tested to ensure field results were comparable results to the laboratory findings.

All Australian Companies are entitled to tax benefits (and potential refunds) for qualifying R&D activities; many of the above activities would qualify for the R&D Tax Incentive as shown below:

Financial analysis Amount
Lab testwork $50,000
Process design $25,000
Flowsheet development $25,000
Eligible Pilot plant costs $50,000
Overheads:├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├âÔÇÜ ├â┬»├é┬┐├é┬¢
* Technical Director / Project├âÔÇÜ Manager
* Office Overheads (rent, communications etc)
* Freight of samples
* Travel
Total Costs $230,000
($230K *45%)
ATO R&D Offset (refund) $103,500


To access the R&D Tax Incentive (including the cash refund), a number of criteria must be met.├âÔÇÜ To determine whether your Company and Project are eligible, please contact us.